The Complete Guide to Office Jobs in Scotland

Situated north of the border, Scotland is most commonly known for haggis, shortbread, scotch, and glorious scenery. But in reality the country is also a hot bed for office jobs. Office jobs in Scotland come in a whole range of shapes and sizes, with there sure to be one that suits your skills, experience, and salary requirements. If you are looking to jump into a new career, further your current one, or maybe you just want to find out a little more information on what office jobs in Scotland are available, then read on for more information.


What exactly is an office Job?


Before deciding that either moving into office work or staying within office work is the right decision for you, you need to get to grips with what the term ‘office job’ truly means. An office job is simply any job that takes place within an office environment. In that sense it may seem that summarising ‘office jobs’ is simple, but in all actuality there is much more to an ‘office job’ than just where it is located.


Why should you choose an office job?


Office work is becoming an increasingly popular avenue of employment for a whole host of reasons, which the following list breaks down.


Work/Life Balance


Office work provides people with chance to get a grip on their work/life balance. In other positions (such as building or plumbing) on-call hours can be very disruptive, but office work is seldom like that. Working in the office jobs environment will allow you to work within set hours, whether that is 9am to 5pm, 8am to 4pm, or maybe even 10am to 6pm. If you want a true work/life balance, office jobs in Scotland may very well be able to give you that.


Less Physically Strenuous


Even though there are risks involved within any job, it is definitely a less strenuous form of work than other areas of employment. In general, you will be able to work in a safe environment that remains risk free. You will also be able to spend most of your time sat down, taking the weight off your feet in the process.


Work From Home Potential


It is no guarantee and only really comes about after sustaining a role for an extended period of time, but work from home opportunities can be found within office jobs in your area and in Scotland. Having this option is perfect for those who want increased flexibility in their work life. Once again, such opportunities are rare, but worth their weight in gold should they be found and there are office jobs in Scotland that can offer you this.


Learning On The Job


Many office jobs in and around Scotland are more than just jobs; they will offer you chance to develop a career. Employers regularly offer learning opportunities in the form of qualifications and one-off training courses. Taking an employer up on these opportunities won’t only allow you to change your work performance in the now, it will also allow you to improve your prospects for the future.


Career Opportunities


If you are like most and see one of the many office jobs available as more than just a job, then you would be right in doing so. This is because companies are constantly opening up doors to employees via in-house promotions. So if you have the ambition and are willing to work hard, then odds are you won’t be left stagnating in a position for very long. Office work can without question appease the needs of the ambitious.


Work Your Way Up


There are many individuals in the realm of office jobs who entered the field without being loaded with qualifications. For some it is by choice, for others it was by chance, but the lack of a traditional education doesn’t mean that you can’t build a career through an office job. There is plenty of opportunity to work your way up through an office based position, whether you have qualifications or not.


What you qualifications will you need?


As previously mentioned, even though not essential, the right qualification can help you land an office jobs in your area and in Scotland. Companies may be willing to offer you an entry level position without such, but if you wish to enter a company at a higher level or have plans on moving through the ranks quickly, then the right qualifications can help. The base level qualifications you should have are 5 A to C GCSEs, two of which should be in English and Maths. Even though very basic qualifications, employers do look fondly at these two certifications. From there you can obviously go on to College and University and earn the related A-levels and degree.


Professional qualifications can be obtained independently or while on the job. These usually take the form of an EDCL qualification or an OCR/RSA qualification. EDCL stands for European Computer Driving License and the foundation issues qualifications related to IT. They come in a whole variety of different modules and levels, and once achieved will show your employer that you have an advanced level of IT literacy, something which is crucial to performance within the office environment. The same governing body that issues GCSEs orchestrates OCR and RSA qualifications. What they offer is far more varied and in some degree basic compared to EDCL qualifications, but it definitely wouldn’t hurt you to have them on your CV.


What skills will you need?


Qualifications are one thing when it comes of office work, but they aren’t the be all and end all of what an employer is looking for. A lot of employers may place favour on personal skills over education. The following characteristics are what many will look out when they look to hire workers for office jobs within Scotland.




An office is a team environment. Even though you will more than likely be working in your own cubicle, it won’t detract from the fact that you will have to interact with others on a daily basis. Employers love having great communicators in their office for a whole multitude of reasons. But, the main reason is that it stops the disintegration of the chain of command.




The four walls of a cubicle can make for a very restricting environment. This means self-motivation is a must should you be looking to impress an employer. You should be willing show plenty of oomph for the position even during times of isolation, while also having the ability to push yourself when working independently.


Strong Work Ethic


It almost goes without saying, but if you can’t display that you are willing to work hard for the cause then you can’t expect employers to take notice of you. Just because office jobs in Scotland are usually found within big corporations doesn’t mean that you aren’t going to need to roll up your sleeves and work hard on a daily basis.




An office is a dynamic place; challenges change and projects come and go, so as an employee you will need to change with the times. You need to remain adaptable and learn quickly, because if you can’t then you will always run this risk of a task or project failing while under your duress.




Businesses run on a team dynamic more often than not. It means that teamwork is a key skill that you need to have or at least try to develop. You should want to get involved in team aspects of the company and be willing pitch your thoughts and ideas to others. Employers want to see their employees contribute; it is as simple as that.




No man (or woman) is an island and such is especially true with an office environment. You should never hesitate to help a fellow employee, as doing so will only ever increase company productivity. It is also a great way to improve relations between co-workers. Don’t underestimate the effect a good deed can have on the atmosphere in an office.




Employers are constantly coming across job applicants who lie on their CVs. This simply isn’t the way to approach office jobs in Scotland. You should start as you mean to go on by being honest, as it is a quality that employers truly respect.




Simply put, rules are there to be followed when they are implemented in an office environment. Dress code, lunch hours, cigarette breaks, and other office rules shouldn’t be broken and when an employer hires you they do so under the proviso that you have proper morals.




When working in office jobs in Scotland, always be first to praise others should they do something positive. It never looks good when someone feels the need to steal the credit of someone else and employers definitely notice this. Be courteous and give a co-worker proper praise if it has been justly earned.




Employers want you to understand your role and remained disciplined within it. In the world of business time really is money, so don’t show up late and don’t waste people’s time. Be punctual and always remain in control of your work and duties.




It should be something that comes naturally to you, as being polite is a simple yet important quality that many employers look for in an employee. Being nice and coming across approachable may not seem like much, but it can actually go a long way in improving the feel and atmosphere of an office.


What types of jobs are available?


The term ‘office job’ isn’t a definitive term by any stretch of the imagination. Obviously the environment where the role takes place is pretty self-explanatory, but outside of that it is pretty much an open field. From the deeply analytical to the widely creative, there are countless types of offices jobs in Scotland available. The following looks at many of the key office job focused industries that you can get involved in.




Accounting is the perfect field for those who have a fascination with figures. It doesn’t matter whether you work for an independent accountancy firm, or you’re simply a part of an in-house accounting team, numbers will be at the heart of what you do. As long as you have the fundamental skills of a team player, then roles such as file clerk, data entry clerk, billing clerk, payroll supervisors, project accountants, account manager, accounts payable clerk, and ledger accountant, will all be within reach. Accounting also tends to offer employees accelerated career potential, meaning that you could really move up to a senior level quickly should you work hard.




If facing a customer while in an office position is something you’re after, along with enjoying talking to people face-to-face, then a position on a reception desk may very well be role that you could thrive in. Much like other office jobs, a receptionist position can be a feature of any office-based industry. The role itself though values personal and professional skills over education in many aspects. You are going to need to showcase an approachable attitude, polite telephone manner, and a lot of patience to succeed in such a role. A detail-orientated attitude is also a must in many reception-based positions.




It was once a field that strongly associated with ‘temp jobs’ and even though in some way this remains the case, administration now has strong career prospects as well. Administration departments are in many ways the oil that greases the movement of business, so a role with in such an area won’t ever be one without responsibility. In many ways being a low-level administration worker (such as an administrative assistant) will be the type of job that encompasses a little bit of everything. One minute you’ll be on the phone, next you could be taking notes, while the day after you could be inputting mass amounts of data into a spread sheet. Entry-level positions may leave you being a bit of a dogsbody (in the best possible way), but should you move forward with a career in the field then increased responsibility will follow. You may find yourself as a department head or handling company wide administration tasks should have the rights skills, experience, and ambition.


Customer Service


It isn’t a field for everyone, but if you love problem solving then there are definitely plenty of customer service office jobs in Scotland available for you to apply for. Odds are you will be based in call centre if this is the type of job you want. While in the role you will be expected to help out disappointed and sometimes angered customers. Patience and positivity is what is going to be required in order to be successful, plus it definitely wouldn’t hurt if you can relate well to others. As previously said, customer service isn’t for everyone, but it is one the few office jobs  that can potentially offer commission.




You may not have a nurse or doctor’s qualification, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get involved in the medical industry from a clerical perspective. It should be noted that working in a medical office isn’t the same as working in a business office, even though many of the same skills are required. If you move into the medical clerical field you will need some fairly unique skills, as they largely want people who have training with regards to medical transcription or medical billing. The security clearance required is also much higher for a role that will see you have access to possibly confidential files, such as patient records. On the grand scheme of office jobs in Scotland, those within the medical field probably qualify as niche.




Much like medical clerical work, a position within the law field will require a little more than just a basic set of administration skills. Law encompasses everything from insurance to legal prosecution. You will be facing paperwork on a daily basis that comes loaded with legal terminology. For this reason you will find that many employers will be on the lookout for those with either experience in a legal environment or those with a law based degree. If you qualify and are successful in an application, you should be aware that attention a detail is a must, along with advanced word processing skills.




Writing based office jobs tend to feature in the worlds of editorial, marketing, and advertising. On the editorial side of things, an entire career based within office job sectors is a real possibility. Starting out in an editorial assistant position, given the right skills and experience you can be expected to move up into an associate editor, assistant editor, feature writer, columnist, or even an editor position given time. Writing roles within marketing and advertising can also follow a similar pattern, as starting out from a junior copywriter position there is plenty of room for career growth. Job roles like the aforementioned usually require a university degree or a portfolio of work in order to be successful in application. As in a writing role, you need to be creative and diligent above all else.




Do you like drawing? Do you have specific computer-aided drawing training or knowledge of graphic design? Then you may want to look at office jobs that have drafting implications. In many instances an office-based role will take the form of a drafting technician in an architectural, engineering, or manufacturing firm. Much like writing roles, you need specialist qualifications to obtain roles within the drafting field.


How much money can I make?


There are so many office jobs out there that determining an average salary is nearly impossible. As entry-level roles in creative positions will more than likely command more of a salary than that of low-level administrative positions. While high-level sales based marketing positions will command more than a similar position within the medical clerical field would. However, if you were to take the top twenty office based positions by numbers employed, you can see that the average mid range salary is between £24,000 and £25,000. When determining salary requirements for your field, take the time and do your research.


What is the next step?


Are you looking work in one of the many office jobs available in Scotland? Are you currently working in one of the many office jobs in Scotland and want move your career forward? Then you’re in luck. This guide has walked you through all the ins and outs of office jobs in your area and within Scotland, but when you want to take the next step, try speaking to us. Our team are office recruitment specialists and are sure to be able to find you your next role. So why not give us a call today? We guarantee that you won’t be disappointed!

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