Mechanical Fitter Jobs

Mechanical fitter jobs lie at the heart of the engineering field, playing a key role in the repair and construction of mechanical plant equipment and machinery. Work within the field includes identifying problems, repairing and replacing faulty parts, and implementing machinery modifications. Those who choose to become mechanical fitters can expect to work with both electronic and mechanical equipment, while they will also enjoy a culturally diverse line of work.




Becoming a mechanical engineer requires you to have a certain level of education. This education tends to come straight after leaving school, as most enter engineering focused apprenticeships between the ages of 16 to 19. Through this means you can gain experience in a formal work environment, while also being able to obtain the qualifications needed to become a fully-fledged mechanical fitter in the process. The apprenticeship route is considered the main way to get into a mechanical fitter position, but it isn’t the only way. Those who don’t fancy taking on an apprenticeship (or are out of the age range for such) can take another route to becoming a mechanical fitter. You can go into full or part time education through a vocational course that will be offered at most UK based colleges.




To be a successful mechanical fitter you are going to need more than just the right certification, you are going to need a selection of other skills. First of all, you will need to enjoy technical and labour intensive work as this is what being a mechanical fitter requires. You will spend most of your time working with intricate parts, so you need to have good hand to eye coordination and a notable eye for detail as well. Mechanical fitters are regularly shifted between team and solitary work too, so you need to be comfortable working independently as well as with others.




Mechanical fitters can expect to earn around £18,000 per annum when they first step-in to a position after becoming fully qualified. After gaining experience you can expect your annual salary to rise, with mid-level mechanical fitters earning between £23,000 and £28,000. The mechanical engineering field offers great earning potential all round, so should you make it to a high level of seniority a salary above £30,000 isn’t out of the question.


Career Progression


Mechanical fitters are in constant demand, so moving through the career progression scale quickly is possible. Through an entry-level position you will gain experience that can open doors to roles in the world of engineering, production, and manufacturing. Given time you can move up to field management within mechanical engineering, while your career opportunities won’t just be limited to positions in the UK. Mechanical fitters are sought after around the world, so you could find yourself working in the Middle East, USA, and Eastern Europe at one point or another.

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